Environmental Paper Company Index 2017

EPCI 2017

  • 35%

    Impacts on forest ecosystems from fibre sourcing

  • 35%

    Emissions from manufacturing processes such as water pollution and greenhouse gas emissions

  • 30%

    Reporting and Environmental Management System

The criteria apply to both policy and production, hence measuring each company's targets and actual performance. The Index includes companies' own operations as well as those of the supply chain (e.g. market pulp bought for production of the end product).

Engagement of companies and evaluation method

  1. EPCI participation is voluntary and based on invite by WWF.
  2. Companies are asked to fill out a questionnaire with around 50 indicators linked to responsible sourcing, clean production, Environmental Management Systems and reporting which WWF considers important for a company´s ecological footprint.
  3. WWF analyses the information provided and directly interacts with the companies for clarifications on data provided. Even though some evidence is required and plausibility checks are made, WWF is not auditing this information and relies on accurate data being provided by transparent producers. (see disclaimer)
  4. The rating is based on a mathematical calculation – the scoring method is shown in the questionnaire participating companies were answering.
  5. Company data remains confidential and only aggregated results are published on WWF´s website company by company and in alphabetical order.
  6. The Index shows a historical timeline since 2013 where possible. By doing so the Index helps track companies’ and also the sectors’ journey towards sustainability.
  7. WWF highlights areas of notable improvement.
  8. Companies participating in the EPCI can request WWF´s advice and feedback on potential areas of improvement, potential risks and tools to support company efforts towards greater sustainability.