Environmental Paper Company Index 2019

EPCI 2019

The Index is based on voluntary data disclosure, based on questions that WWF considers important for a company´s ecological footprint.

Download the questions WWF asked the companies

Engagement of companies and evaluation method

  1. Participation in EPCI is voluntary and only by WWF invitation.
  2. Companies are asked to fill out a questionnaire on responsible fiber sourcing, clean manufacturing, Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and transparency in reporting.
  3. The Reporting and EMS section in the EPCI 2019 questionnaire was slightly modified. This does not affect the overall percentage but may result in differences in the points allocated in that section. In particular, question 3.2.1a from the 2017 questionnaire was removed, as WWF is currently planning the next evolution of its Check Your Paper tool, so new ratings are not accepted at present. This may have an impact on companies previously publishing in the Check Your Paper Database.
  4. WWF analyses the information disclosed and directly interacts with the companies asking for any clarification needed on the data provided. We do not rely on external auditing for verifying the information but expect the company to deliver accurate and transparent data.
  5. The rating is based on a mathematical calculation – the scoring method is shown in the questionnaire to participating companies.
  6. Company data remains confidential and only aggregated results are published on WWF´s website company by company and in alphabetical order.
  7. The Index aims to show a historical timeline since 2013 for companies that have been participating since then. By doing so the Index helps track companies’ and also the sector’s journey towards sustainability.
  8. WWF highlights areas of notable improvement.
  9. Companies participating in the EPCI can request WWF´s advice and feedback on potential areas for improvement, risks and tools to support company efforts towards greater sustainability.
  10. WWF selects a number of invited companies which have chosen not to participate in the Index, disclosing information based on publicly available information. WWF informs these companies and shares the information to provide an opportunity to further engage and clarify any available data.
  11. Participants are required to adhere to a specific communication code.