Environmental Paper Company Index 2017

EPCI 2017

The EPCI 2017 participants together produce:

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The Index looks at the environmental aspects of a company´s policies and targets, as well as the environmental performance of the overall production. The evaluation is based on voluntary data disclosure by the companies on over 50 indicators which WWF considers important for a company´s ecological footprint. Collated results are presented per company in a non-comparative way and in alphabetical order.


“At IKEA we value transparency and find company and product information like those present on the WWF Environmental Paper Company Index and Check your Paper useful to inform our supply chain analysis.”

Pulp and paper industry can be a leader in sustainability

Forest-based industries are key to conserving forests and can take leadership in a “green” economy based on renewable resources. For this, production forests need to be managed to the highest ecological and social standards, and the use and recovery of wood products must become more efficient.

WWF's Living Forest report projects huge challenges for our society in the next 30 years due to growing population and demand for many commodities. The threats to forests are bigger than one company and require industry-wide efforts to tackle deforestation and forest degradation. It also demands sector-wide ambitious environmental goals and maximum transparency.